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In 1947, twenty-one year old, Jerry Reed, founder of Jerry's Curb Service, was discharged from the United States Air Force after completing his tour of duty. Living in Colorado, Jerry found himself contemplating the future. Jerry knew two things for certain - he wanted to make his way back to his hometown of Beaver, PA and he wanted to open his own business.

With those two goals in mind, Jerry began his journey home. Stopping off in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Jerry became fascinated by the innovative, drive-in restaurants he saw throughout the town. With his fascination of these new restaurants and his desire to open his own business, the concept for Jerry's Curb Service was born!

On September 29, 1947, Jerry's dreams became reality. In his beloved hometown of Beaver, PA, Jerry Reed and his wife Donna, served their first customer at the original Jerry's Curb Service.


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