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It was on a fateful night in the early 1960's that the now famous Steak Salad was born. A customer placed a rather unusual order - a steak sandwich, hold the bun, add fries and salad dressing. Not one to disappoint a customer, Donna Reed placed the order. She noticed the man cut up the steak, mixed in the fries and poured the salad dressing on top. Curious about this rather odd concoction, Donna decided to try it for herself, but with one small change. Donna placed her sliced steak, fries and salad dressing atop a fresh bed of lettuce. Creating what is now a staple in the restaurant industry - the Steak Salad!

In honor of that nameless customer who inspired Donna to create the classic Steak Salad, Jerry's Curb Service still offers the original order - sliced steak and hand cut fries with a side of salad dressing.



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